Friday, 4 December 2015

Alice in Retrospect Reads In Retrospect Magazine

Almost a year ago, some of you may recall that I attended the launch party for a brand new magazine with my fellow British Belles in Brighton. That magazine was In Retrospect, a glossy quarterly 'zine packed full of vintage inspiration, up and coming repro brands, exquisite photography of the past and present as well as interesting debates and articles and much more. This magazine caters for both men and women alike to provide the very finest in vintage publications. 

I wanted to share my favourite features from issues 2, 3 and 4 before the release of issue 5 which is due to be available for pre-order shortly directly from the In Retrospect website. However, if you are itching to get your hands on any of the previous issues, these can still be purchased from the website for £4.50 (UK) and £9.50 (Europe and International).

Issue 2 Spring

The first of my favourite articles is the Bow and Crossbones feature in this spring-time issue, written by Bethan Soanes the beauty and brains behind the Mid Century Market. Bow and Crossbones is a vintage reproduction company owned by the ever-so-lovely Cam. She has a vast selection of different accessories, from chiffon scarves to hair flowers to lucite earrings to deadstock jewellery. If you need it, B&C have got it! 
"The range has proven popular with vintage ladies who seek jewellery that is sturdier than original pieces and is good value for money". 
The article also features a gorgeous full-page photo of the model Miss Jessica Holly by Ellie Dawson. She is wearing bamboo bangles, bamboo earrings and cat eye sunglasses, all available to purchase from B&C online shop.

Issue 3 Summer

In issue 3, Bethan Soanes wrote another cracking article about my absolute FAVOURITE bangle brand around, Splendette, so I couldn't resist sharing this one with you guys. If you don't know Splendette, it's a company run by Eeva (woo, girl bosses!) that specialises in gorgeous retro-inspired jewellery. She is best known for her carved bangles but also sells matching earrings, necklaces and brooches. I guarantee that if you look on any of my selfies on Instagram, I will be wearing Splendette... I literally cannot get enough! 
"I predict big things for it [the brand]...[Eeva] has an eye for what women want and what looks good." - I couldn't agree more, Bethan!
The model featured here is Kessie (the owner of Lady K Loves) who is displaying an array of Splendette products, including red and black carved bangles, black bead necklace and black carved earrings. Splendette is another company that is good value for money, which is probably bad for my purse as I just keep treating myself! 

Issue 4 Autumn 

This photo article absolutely blew away (and not just because I'm biased about my fellow British Belle, Amy!) Titled 'The Killer Instinct', In Retrospect have delivered a 5-page spread of glamorous shots. Featuring a femme fatale and a damsel in distress alongside two dashing gents. Photographed by Mat Keller, the Editor of In Retrospect in Tunbridge Wells at a stunning old-fashioned railway station. The brands featured in this photoshoot include Stop Staring, Chester Cordite, Trashy Diva and Unique Vintage

So there we have it! This magazine is well worth collecting as they make for an interesting read any time of day and are full of inspiration to get that vintage style.
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  1. I really love your furniture in these photos, very mid century chic! I love In Retrospect, but I'm biased, as I'm one of the contributors... xx

    1. Thank you so much! I'm always on the look out for mid century inspired pieces and gradually getting a little collection together :) and that's fantastic! I do love a good read :) I'm looking forward to the next issue xxx


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