About Me

Hi! My name is Alice and I am currently a student nurse who is living and studying in London, England. I am originally from Peterborough, which is where my beautiful beau, Danny lives. I am 1/10 of The British Belles - check out our blog!

Lookin' serious!

Since I moved from my home town to study over 2 years ago, my love and admiration of vintage fashion, beauty and lifestyle has developed into something that I treasure throughout my day-to-day life, in particular the 40s, 50s and 60s. Moving to London opened my eyes to the creativity and beauty that young people hold in the capital of England. From then on, I strived to develop my own sense of style. Heavily inspired by beautiful women of both the old and the new times has helped me love myself more as an individual human being. My goal is for every person to realise what makes them feel good! I have a lot of tattoos!

I told you I had a lot!
My influences are Dita Von Teese, Marlene Dietrich and Frida Kahlo (to name a few).

Frida (left) & Frida, Diego and others (right)
My favourite hobby is shopping. The majority of my clothing is secondhand from charity shops, eBay or sellers on Depop. When I want to treat myself to something new, I look towards reproduction clothing boutiques such as Collectif and Vivien of Holloway or high street shops such as Primark and Topshop.

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