Monday, 6 July 2015

Betsy Hatter - 'Elspeth' Straw Hat
The wonderful Betsy Hatter was kind enough to make me one of the hats from her range. Each piece is hand made by her in Norwich, East of England. Millinery is a beautiful craft which takes lots of time and skill and I was over the moon that she agreed to collaborate.

'Gemma' hat | Model: Samantha Skouros | Photo: Denise Bradley
Bespoke One Off Pieces | Model: Acid Doll | Photo: Onirique
With the upcoming picnic (which happened last week on 27th June), I knew straight away that the 'Elspeth' straw hat would be the best decision. I pictured quaint English countryside, a picnic basket and a gingham blanket on which to sit - sipping raspberry lemonade, eating pork pie and listening to the odd vintage aircraft flying overhead. Yes, we are indeed lucky in the United Kingdom to have such beautiful settings, so it is only fair to wear such beautiful attire.

Another reason for choosing the straw hat over the other wonderful creations that Betsy Hatter has to offer was because it is so difficult for us vintage gals to find the perfect straw hat. If you search for straw hats, you either get boaters, fedoras or floppy hats which is just not what I am looking for. Another option is to buy vintage, which can be expensive and they are not always the best condition due to their age so are not wearable as everyday use.
Hat debut at the British Belles picnic | Photo: The Street Style Carousel (click image for website)
The hat retails at £100, which is a fantastic price for a bespoke piece of art. I would say it is well worth splashing out for a special occasion or if you just feel like treating yourself! The hat comes in both natural (which is the one I have chosen) and black. You can also choose from a range of different decorations for the hat such as flowers and ribbons, or you could even get creative and have stars, birds, butterflies... whatever takes your fancy! That is the beauty of a handmade piece.
My Elspeth straw hat came beautifully presented in a hat box, filled with tissue paper to protect it. Lovingly presented. The purple flowers are also removable, so you can attach hair flower clips etc. depending on your outfit!
Well-presented hat enclosed in a hat box with tissue paper
For this photo shoot, I changed the flower on the hat to demonstrate the versatility of it. This hair flower matched my chosen dress. Full outfit details at the bottom of this post.

Outfit details
Hat - Betsy Hatter
Dress - Vintage (Ms Tips Vintage, Etsy)
Brooch and earrings - Luxulite
Necklace - Vintage
Bangles - Bamboo from Vivien of Holloway, Others are retro
Hair flower - Claire's Accessories
Shoes - Rhonda wedges by Miss L Fire

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  1. Ooohh, what a classic, marvelously pretty bespoke hat. Her work is just gorgeous - as are you in this classic straw topper.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica! :) it really is a wonderful hat xx

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