Thursday, 25 June 2015

Throwback Thursday - 1920s Style Inspiration

 I thought I would start a little Thursday theme based on the popular #tbt. This first one is looking back at the style of the 1920s. Think Great Gatsby, flapper girls and The Charleston.

1920s hair
Shorter hair was the fashion in the 1920s. Bobbed hair and marcel waves were very Vogue. Here are a few hairstyles to inspire you:

Bette Davis
Louise Brooks
Josephine Baker

1920s Fashion
Dresses were not figure hugging and featured drop waists. Flapper girls wore shorter dresses - a liberation from the longer dresses of the previous era! I have included some photos of  example of 1920s fashion:

Powder room

A group of girls

1920s Makeup
Makeup involved finely arched eyebrows, soft neutral tones and of course, dark lipstick!

1920s (second photo from the left)
Bésame cosmetics specialise in vintage-inspired make up - This is how women used to apply mascara!

I hope you found this short guide useful. Feel free to comment and follow! Check me out on Instagram @callthestudentnurse
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