Sunday, 15 March 2015

Voodoo Vixen's Anchors and Spaceships

...Bit of an odd combination? Well, Voodoo Vixen very kindly graced me with two dresses from their new line. Both of which I am IN LOVE. 

Several weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited to the London Edge blogger's party which was sponsored by Voodoo Vixen. At the event I was given the opportunity to see the up and coming lines for an array of alternative brands including Voodoo Vixen, Collectif and Hell Bunny. Amongst the selection of bright and tasty prints that Voodoo Vixen had to offer, I spotted a poppin' atomic print. Upon closer inspection, I could see that the dress was covered in space babes! An incredibly unique design and the clash of fuchsia pink against the black background was all I needed to lust for the dress. It was no hard decision that I had to review the pencil dress.

The Zara pencil dress retails at £43.99 on the Voodoo Vixen website. It comes in size small, medium and large so be sure to check your measurements against the chart. I am particularly petite so I wear a belt to cinch in my waist. The hips fitted well, not too snug. I am about 34" hip and the size chart suggests 36" for the small. There is a fair amount of stretch in the fabric. One thing I love about Voodoo Vixen (and I have noticed this in my other dresses) is how soft the fabric is. This fabric is light and perfect for the warmer weather). The Zara came to just below knee length on me (I am approx. 5ft2") which is a length that I am happy with. I love the shoulders, which give me a bit of a Magenta vibe from the Rocky Horror Picture Show - dressed in her futuristic space gear.

I paired the dress with two different shrugs just to give you an idea on what you could dress it with. Notice how different it looks with each shrug!

Dress - Voodoo Vixen
Heels - Dorothy Perkins
Shrug - East
Brooch - Luxulite
Belt - eBay   

Now let me introduce you to a little lady called Gwyneth... she's a little bit nautical but a heck of a lot of nice! This nautical themed pencil dress is going to look incredible for those summer holidays to the well as anywhere else for that matter! The anchor and ship wheel design is simple yet striking. It has also given me a longing for ice cream (excuse me while I pause my blogging for a second and get some Ben and Jerry's). Now...where were we? Ah  yes, Gwyneth. This dress fits a little bigger than the Zara dress so I would say she is more true to size and still with that same amount of soft stretch. 

Dress - Voodoo Vixen
Heels - Dune
Belt - eBay
Shrug - East

Two beautiful ladies that have got my heart in a flutter. Voodoo Vixen also offers free UK shipping! I know what I am wearing this summer... Do you?!

x x x 

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