Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mini Post: Palmer's Olive Oil Hair Mousse

This is a mini post about my hair. Yesterday I purchased this olive oil hair mousse by Palmer's from a shop called Pak's in Dalston, London for approximately £4.99 (also available on Amazon.co.uk). I was in need of some more hair mousse and thought I would give this one a go. 

I set my hair as I normally do (using pin curls - click here to see my YouTube pin curl tutorial). Instead of using my previous Boots brand mousse, I used this Palmer's one. It wasn't as thick as the Boots brand so I wouldn't need as much of it in my hair. I brushed it through. Initially, it felt more sticky than the Boots but I may have put too much on. I set my hair and went to bed.

When I brushed out my pin curls in the morning (brush out tutorial here), I was amazed. The curls weren't as difficult to brush through (I love using mousse to keep the curl but it can make my curl quite brittle!) This mousse, however, was a lot softer and I brushed my curls with ease. Surely this meant that my curls weren't going to hold throughout the day?! I was wrong. My curls held all day. The photos below were taken this evening. As you can see, my curls haven't dropped or budged all day. I would fully recommend this product. I am hoping that the vitamin E in this mousse will also be beneficial to my hair and keep it nourished.

Brooch - Glitter Paradise
Hair flower - Miss Candyfloss

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