Thursday, 19 March 2015

How to: Edit your selfies using PicMonkey

Just a quick evening post about how I edit my photos! It is amazing how different you can make an image look just by adjusting the lighting, filter or focus. It can be fun to edit your photos and there is nothing wrong with it. Below are some examples, all of the same photo. The technique for achieving them is included in the caption.

This is the original photo that has been cropped
This is how I would edit my photo to give good complexion and clarity. Done using 'Auto Adjust' and the 'Cross Process' filter
This grainy image is done using the Holga effect.
This spooky one was doing using the Zombie effect. I love the look of this! A different take on your normal black and white

I told you it was a quick one! The 'Atomic Bean' head scarf in the photos is handmade by Clumsy Kate. A post of her classic creations will be coming to Alice in Retrospect shortly! Remember to follow me on Instagram and Facebook - Links at the top of this page. Mwah!

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