Monday, 12 January 2015

Mini Post - Vivien of Holloway red satin halterneck circle dress

I went to visit my grandparents the day after Boxing Day and wanted to wear something special as I thought they would appreciate it seeing as the 50s was their era. I decided on my satin halterneck circle dress from Vivien of Holloway which I got off the beautiful Samara (a fellow British Belle).

The colour of this dress is incredible, and I mean incredible. It is a vibrant cherry red and being made of satin has a beautiful shine to it. 

Due to the nature of satin, there is less stretch in this type as the sateen dresses, so make sure you're aware of that when checking the size chart. I have the VoH size 10, which is a 24" waist. I have a natural waist size of 22" just to put you in perspective of the stretch. It would not stretch above a 24" I would say. If possible, pop in to the shop in London and get yourself measured and try some different styles on!

As you can see, I am wearing a full petticoat underneath to get that 50s full skirt. My particular one is made by Hell Bunny, but many shops sell lovely fluffy petticoats likes these including Vivien of Holloway and Malco Modes.

Red rose hair flower also from the Vivien of Holloway boutique.
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