Monday, 5 January 2015

Glitter Paradise Brooches!!

Remember my little post a few weeks back listing which vintage inspired brooches I loved? Click here to see that post. Well... now I am the proud owner of two brooches from the wonderful Glitter Paradise!
Glitter Paradise is a French company that specialises in atomic awesomeness, starlite splendour and fakelite fancies amongst other things!
This company not only sells jewellery but accessories as well such as hair bands and flowers... and if there is something you want especially, you can make request a custom order!
50s style confetti lucite television in pink (RRP: 14,00 €) 
First up is the pink confetti lucite atomic television brooch. If you love pink (as do I) you will definitely love this beautiful little addition to your jewellery family.

If pink is not your cup o' tea, it also comes in white, orange, purple and green! (Multiple hints to my boyfriend that I need all the colours have been unsuccessful thus far)

I paired this with pink accessories but you could go crazy with matching or clashing your colours - vintage is supposed to be fun!

Boomerang with atomic print in yellow and red (RRP: 12,00 €)
And secondly is this wonderful boomerang brooch. I loved the yellow against black but you could pair it with autumnal colours as well as bright block colours such as red, yellow and orange! 

This brooch had a very beatnik feel to it, so my black polo neck and beret teamed up with it perfectly. I could just imagine smoking a cigarette and drinking wine outside a cafe in Paris...

Brooches are great for mixing up any outfit. You can even wear them on your bag, coat or hat! 
Glitter Paradise is definitely well worth a visit to treat yourself or a loved one.
Any questions, feel free to comment!
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  1. This is lovely, Thank U so much gorgeous, It's so great to see my creations worn so well ^^
    Love both looks and your post is awesome. Glad u like your brooches, muchs hugs xxx

    1. Thank you so much! :-) I love them both - wearing my pink television one today :-) xxx


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