Thursday, 20 August 2015

Marine Madness - Banjo & Cake

My collaboration with Banjo & Cake was something a little different to what I have done before as I wanted to feature their 'Sea Garden' collection, with both a skirt and...a bikini! These together made an adorable little three piece as they are matching prints. Banjo & Cake are a company very much inspired by the rockabilly, pinup and tattoo scene as noted with their polka dot prints, kitsch patches and juicy cherries! I wanted to choose a bikini because they are just so darn cute! Below are the two bikinis available to purchase from Too Fast.
Donna Bikini - Sea Garden
Donna Bikini - Bows and Anchors

'Sea Garden' Donna Bikini
What I love about this bikinis are the bold colours, the adorable bow on the top and the gorgeous frill around the thighs. The bottoms are a really flattering fit and are very much vintage inspired as they are more 'modest' around the bottom compared to a modern bikini. The straps are also halterneck ties so I was able to do a cross-over strap which you will see in my photographs below. You could also wear it as pictured on the model above. I had originally planned to go to the beach to do photos but when the beach day came, the British heavens opened and (typically) I haven't been able to go so indoor photos in front of my own artwork shall have to suffice!

'Sea Garden' Bee's Knees Skirt
Featuring the same print as the bikini, this skirt tops off this three piece. It is knee length with a light netted petticoat underneath to give some extra volume. It isn't a circle skirt and has more of a 1940s a-line shape to it. It closes with a hidden zip at the back. This skirt is super cute! You could also wear it with a plain bardot top, brooch and a pair of pumps for a chic daytime outfit for all you aspiring mermaids!

Light black netting underneath the skirt
Close up of the print
An aqua chiffon hair scarf topped off this look!
Lobster earrings by Luxulite
I hope you enjoyed this read and check out Banjo & Cake for yourself! They have many different things available to purchase via Too Fast. Please feel free to comment below and find me on Instagram (@callthestudentnurse)

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  1. Squeal worthily sensational pieces - the skirt in particular made me gasp (multiple times!).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Love the skirt, it really transforms the bikini what a great idea!



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