Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Erstwilder 'Eau de Toilette' - New Website Launch!

Shop the Erstwilder Beauty School Range
Erstwilder have just launched their BRAND NEW website which not only allows you to browse over 300 Erstwilder designs, but also lets you purchase them! WARNING: Incredibly dangerous for your savings! To visit the brand new site, click here. The new website is nice and simple to navigate and has a search option to bring you to 'yo thang'. You can also use the drop down menu under 'shop' to search themes, animals, colours etc.

The wonderful Erstwilder team were kind enough to send me some pieces to share with you guys to celebrate the new website launch. I shall be sharing all of these pieces over the next fortnight, starting with...

Eau de Toilette
This little beauty isn't currently available on the new website as I write this (though of course please do check now as you are reading!) but it is available through a range of stockists listed below. This gorgeous bottle of parfum screams sophistication and sexy. The brooch is made of salmon pink and white swirly resin and decorated with a minty resin bow. I adore that this brooch is in two sections, as the squirter? Squeezer? balloon pump (!) is a separate brooch, connected to the bottle via a silver chain. This gives you the possibility to adjust the brooch to your clothing or wear it as a cardigan clip - the decision is up to you!
- Left to Right: Front view, back view and chain detail -
- At home with my perfume collection! -
- Worn across a chiffon peignoir for ultimate glamour -
- A touch of magic! (or PicMonkey) -
- Worn on one side of my peignoir -

UK Stockists
Audrey Star's Boutique
Campbell Crafts

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Erstwilder brooch from their new range and be sure to check out the brand spanking new website! Feel free to comment below!
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  1. Stunning!! I need to get my hands of the lipsticks one! x

  2. Fabulously fun photos - this news is amazing, but woefully dangerous for my wallet. I think I know where any Christmas money I might get this year will be going (seriously!).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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