Thursday, 12 February 2015

Queen of Heartz steals MY heart

Today's blog feature is a wonderful dress by Queen of Heartz apparel... except wonderful would be a bit of an understatement. A supercalifragelisticexpealidocious dress would be a better way to describe this navy gem.  Details of my outfit featured can be found below!

Queen of Heartz apparel is a clothing company based in Los Angeles, USA. Letty Tennant, the owner and designer of Queen of Heartz is a total sweetheart for sending me this dress. There is a wide choice available on the website - the 1930s style 'Vamp' dress (see my fellow British Belle Miss Amy May for a review of that dress), the 1940s style 'Kandi' dress and several 1950s style dresses including the 'Brenda' in both full circle and wiggle style, accommodating to every modern vintage and pin-up girl's needs.

One of the very first things I noticed about this dress was the weight. Now, I love a heavy dress - the heavier the better. This dress was quite weighty which instantly makes me think that it is a dress of higher quality. No amount of terrible British weather is going to blow this baby up revealing my girdle! 

I asked for the XS by following the size chart of a 32.5" bust and a 24.5" waist which is the closest to my natural measurements (and being as petite as me, it is damn near impossible to find clothes that fit me snug). I slipped into this dress, did up the rear zip, looked in the mirror I have never been as impressed with the fit and flattery of a dress as I feel with this one. The fit was fine on me, but I imagine that it would have some fair stretch to it if needed.

I love the way the light added effect to my photo!
 One thing I shall say is that the waist line does come down a little bit low on me, not quite sitting on my waist. But I am very petite so this could be why. I should imagine that the different sizes have different length trunk lengths. This does in no way detract from the overall effect of the dress, as you can see!

Let me just tell you a thing. The skirt on this... Is it possible for it to be more than a circle? More circler than a circle? Well... I believe it is. Just look at how much skirt there is! I am absolutely head over heels about this. There are a fair few repro brands that call their dress skirts 'full circle' when they are not and it really bugs me. I want there to be so much material around my waistline that I can take off into the air like one of those sky dancers that I played with as a child.

One of the cutest trends for the up and coming spring and summer is the nautical look. I would pair this navy Brenda dress with navy nautical wedges from Miss L Fire and the Hell Bunny nautical sailor bolero (available to buy at Tiger Milly).

Hell Bunny bolero
Miss L Fire wedges

My outfit:
Dress - Queen of Heartz
Gloves - Vintage
Bag - Vintage (Beyond Retro)
Heels - Vintage
Turban - eBay

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this feature useful.
Please feel free to comment below
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  1. This is just so perfect! I love the whole ensemble so much! xxx

  2. this dress looks really beautiful. i like what you say about heavy dresses ... i like them, too.

    1. Thank you so much :) I'm glad its not just me who loves a heavy dress! I like the stability and sign of quality :) xx


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