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Mini Post: Tiki-Tastic! - A Taste of the Tropics

Aloha! I apologise for my lack of blog posts this week. I am a very busy bee who is working and currently writing a dissertation and a management essay!

Now, following my previous Valentine's day OOTD (click here to read) where I decided that the tropical Tiki style is totally suitable for this time of the year, I wanted to delve a little more in to that particular style. I am very much looking forward to warmer weather where I can crack out the bamboo bangles and sarong dresses and take them out for a spin. Sadly in Britain, it is raining as we speak (or write, or read, or roller skate - whatever it is you are up to). However, if you are like me and very impractical you could start rolling in the tropical vibe right now - you never know, you might even bring out the sunshine! If you are lucky enough to live in a country that is currently in Summer then I hope that you will find this post inspiring!

Hawaiian dancers - Google


The idea of 'Tiki' which you may or may not associate with fashion influences of the 1930s-1950s originates from Polynesian culture, with 'Tiki' believed to be the first man on Earth. Tiki statues are sacred. One of the islands in Polynesia is Hawaii which I associate with sunshine, palm trees and fruity cocktails!

Tiki statue - Google Images

Inspiration in Retrospect:

Tiki culture began in the USA in 1934 through Polynesian-style restaurants and clubs. This became very popular as it gave people a glimpse of paradise. With its bright prints and colours what's not to love?

'Don the Beachcomber' (centre) - Google

Modern Tiki style:

There are a number of reproduction and high street clothing and jewellery companies that can help the modern day pin up with her Tiki desires. Below are a selection of my favourite clothing and accessories. Click the link to be directed to the company website.
Lola Wrap Dress by Miss Fortune - Currently on sale for £39.98!! This beautiful neutral printed halterneck wrap dress comes complete with bamboo tie detail. Lush!

Isabelle seaside print skirt by Seamstress of Bloomsbury - RRP: £49 The Seamstress of Bloomsbury is a British company with a beautiful history. This skirt reminds me of a 1940's tropical beach paradise.

Pink hibiscus hair flower by Miss Candyfloss - RRP: €7.95 I got a Miss Candyfloss hair flower in my London Edge goody bag and loved it! It is sturdy and fits beautifully into pin curled hair. There are a range of colours available.

Hand carved Gypsy Rose wedges by Lucky Lou Shoes - RRP: $85 These beautiful shoes are hand-carved to perfection. The chunky wooden wedge with delicate tiki-inspired design are perfect for summer.

Concita wedge by Miss L Fire - Currently on sale (US site) for $64!! Rattan is a material very much associated with the tiki culture. These adorable wedges are available in beige, blue and red.

Bamboo bangles (of course!) by Bow and Crossbones - RRP: from £3.50 These bangles are the cutest and really make any Tiki outfit...and at that price you can't go wrong!

Handmade handbag by Miss Tiki Designs - This specific one is £30 and she lovingly makes each bag even giving the choice for pom pom colour and handles. A one-off unique piece!

I hope that you are able to draw inspiration from the pieces I have shown you. I can't wait to show you my Tiki-inspired outfits in the near future! Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think!

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  1. Love the Miss Tiki Designs purse ... It its adorable!


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