Monday, 18 January 2016

Mini Post: Poodles in Paris - Clumsy Kate tee

I am back with another exciting installment on the blog - this adorable little poodle tee from Clumsy Kate. This company is but a mere 15 miles away from where I live and the owner, Kate (who is a self-proclaimed clumsy being!), designs and creates fun kitsch vintage and retro-inspired bits and bobs. There are a selection of tees including a tipsy pink elephant and a mexican pinata! She also has various other things to offer such as head scarves, purses, glasses case, jewellery and mugs.

The tee prices at a mere £18.00 which is good value. It is soft and stretchy and made of 100% cotton so gentle to the skin. The fit is true to size, make sure you check out the chest measurements below the listing on Etsy. I wore my tee with a Vivien of Holloway pencil skirt, but it could be worn with capris, cigarette pants or even a cute full skirt! If you're a fan of the poodle, then check out these other matching items from Clumsy Kate below...

Left to right; Poodle mug, Poodle brooch and Poodle glasses case (one of my favourites!)

The bangles in the photos are from Splendette.

I hope you enjoyed this short post and found it just as sweet! Please check out Clumsy Kate's shop, she is a talented lady and is always coming up with fresh ideas that never fail to amaze me. Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via my blog or Instagram (@aliceinretrospect)
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  1. Such a cute shirt! And I must say I adore your hair so much! Have a wonderful week dear!

  2. Super-duper adorable top! I'm a total sucker for any poodle themed. :)

    ♥ Jessica


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