Thursday, 24 December 2015

Erstwilder at Christmas

Erstwilder is a much talked about brand over here on Alice in Retrospect, so I wanted to share my latest goodies with you guys over Christmas. The Erstwilder company is now closed for Christmas, so sit back and relax whilst you're eating your turkey (or veggies) and plan which Erstwilder piece(s) you're gonna get with your Christmas money - I've already got a long list ready for January!

Deck the Halls
Deck The Halls Brooch 0
Seeing as we are all Christmassy, my first brooch to be shared is this adorably festive little wreath. In appropriate green and red shades, this wreath goes perfectly with any Christmas outfit, instantly bringing a bit of magic to your attire. The acrylic has a delicate sheen to it in the light, making it almost appear to sparkle - just like magic! What I love about festive brooches is that they can be bought out every year, and make great collectables or gifts. You can't beat a themed novelty brooch. The brooch comes with its special box, as does every piece with its own little story inside.

This baby is sold out on the Erstwilder website, but do not fear! Continue the festive cheer over at Collectif, or other stockists (a full list is available on the Erstwilder website, here).   

Pouncing Paulette
One sassy poodle just wasn't enough for me. As soon as I saw this gorgeous pooch I knew I needed her. Not only is she PURPLE but also has LEOPARD PRINT FUR! This little doll looks perfect on a top or sweater for a modern 50s chic. This brooch is made of a gorgeous silvery resin, almost like the intricate inside of a shell - pearlescent in design. Her fur is black and purple leopard print, in incredible details from the tips of her paws to the top of her tail. If purple leopard print just isn't your cup of tea, there are several different poodles, dogs, cats, 50s themed items, you name it! This little lady, like the wreath, is $34.95AUS (roughly £17.50), and she IS available from the Erstwilder website, as well as other stockists around the world.


Please feel free to comment below - and I would love to hear if you got any Erstwilder from Santa this year, or if you plan on spending your Christmas money on any of their jewellery!
Merry Christmas everybody and Happy Holidays! 

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  1. I have hardly taken my Deck the Halls brooch off this month ~ you are right that it's so perfect on any Christmas outfit! The poodle is super cute too, though I'm not a dog person so much. I did ask for Erstwilder for Christmas because I'm slightly obsessing over their gorgeous piece, so I'm excited to have a chance to add more pieces to my collection! :D Merry Christmas! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  2. You look is always so pulled together! I love the bauble earings!


  3. Such darling Erstwilder choices. I was able to pick up their cuter-than-cute gingerbread cookie brooch this year and made it a key part of my Christmas ensemble this year (posted about earlier this week). I hope that they continue to release more seasonal offerings each Christmas (and Halloween, too, ideally! :)).

    ♥ Jessica


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