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Hollywood Haute - Style Icon's Closet LBD
Every woman needs a black dress in her closet. It has been a timeless piece of fashion for centuries. Marlene Dietrich and Audrey Hepburn show us below how to do evening elegance extravagance. 

Style Icon's Closet is a vintage inspired clothing company run by two lovely sister's called Mimi and Sisi. When they offered to send me a dress from their website, I immediately jumped at the chance. Their dresses and skirts come in a range of styles; strapless, halterneck, sweetheart, short, long, floral, block colours, African prints... I could go on, they really do have a fantastic choice! In the end, I narrowed my choice down to the blue floral fifties style prom dress and the black fifties style prom dress. After feeling inspired by the women in the photograph below, I decided that I needed an LBD (little black dress). Surprisingly, I don't own a black dress that can be worn as a day dress so this was definitely a deciding factor.
Audrey Hepburn (left) and Marlene Dietrich (right)
 For those of us who do not fit the 'norm' of the size range (which is most of us), or those who have beautiful, unique shapes (which is also most of us!) it can be difficult to find a dress in the vintage repro market that will fit like it was made for us. Well, luckily enough with Style Icon's Closet, they hand-make their dresses from scratch for each order so you can choose to 'design a fit' to your measurements! I was so grateful to hear this as it is difficult for me to find clothing to fit my petite frame.

Image of Black Fifties Style Prom dress
Black fifties style prom dress can be bought here for £43-£53
My little bundle of joy arrived in the post. Considering the fact that my dress was handmade to my arrived very swiftly and I was very impressed! The fabric is a lovely light material, which is perfect for the spring/summer/autumn when I would be wearing it the most. I asked for the length from the waist to the hem to be 26" as I love a calf-length skirt. Although most of the product photos on the website are of the shorter length, it is possible to have the dress made longer if you so desire, just select the 'custom' size option and let them know of the measurements. I would recommend measuring a skirt length that you want as a guide for the length of the skirt.

What I also love about this dress is the strapless bust... it is incredibly elegant and sexy, without revealing too much. This also means that I can accessorise with brooches, necklaces, large earrings, shrug etc. without feeling there is 'too much' going on in my neck/chest area.

...Then I tried to get artistic with my photos.
Detailing at the back, the dress does up with a zip.
I am wearing a light crinoline in the photos to give a fuller shape. The skirt is a full circle (as if this dress couldn't be anymore perfect?!) so is perfect for a light or a very fluffy petticoat, depending on what shape you wanted to achieve.

Demonstrating the fullness of the skirt with a dorky face!
Just showing off my shoes and tattoos!
Outfit Details
Dress - Style Icon's Closet
Shoes - Marks & Spencer's
Hair flower - Birds and Fresia (Click here to see the blog post)

If you like what you see, then you can use my discount code: FOREVER ALICE to get 10% off your order! I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment below or on my social media accounts (which you can access at the top of the blog). 
Thank you!
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  1. Deeply beautiful and entirely glamorous black dress. I love how the silhouette of this frock helps give it such striking visual interest. You look like a million dollars in it, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica


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