Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Mini Post - Review of H&M Pink Fluffy Jumper

Just a quick one for you guys! I just purchased this pinky lilac jumper from H&M in Angel, London with my Christmas money...

It was in their sale for £7 down from £19.99 - bargain!
There were only a couple of sizes left, and luckily they had an XS.
I tried it on as a lot of high street shops are selling over-sized jumpers to keep up with the latest trends (which is great, but I wanted more of a tight, vintage fit!) 

As you can see, it fitted perfectly.
The material is 50% acrylic and 50% polyamide so it should keep me snug in the chilly weather.

I don't normally go for a V neck jumper as I don't find they look very flattering on me. However, this one had the right amount of 'v neckiness' (yes, I went there), without being too revealing.

The colour is a beautifully soft pink / lilac and fits in with my newly found love of anything pink. I thank the British Bombshells for that one! It goes great with my pink fluffy pom pom earrings I purchased off eBay! Peacock hair piece from Poundland.

I'm planning on wearing it with my new Vivien of Holloway skirt (Click here for my recent review of this skirt). In the photo below, I am wearing it with my 'Petrol' Vivien of Holloway pencil skirt.

And there you go chickies. Short but sweet!

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