Monday, 25 January 2016

Vape for girls (and guys, too!) - Ruby's Originals e-liquids

Today's blog post is a little different to my usual thing. Today I am going to talk to you about some new e-liquids that have popped up on the retro scene. Being a female vintage enthusiast makes me niche anyway, and I feel that it is difficult for gals to find a space in the vaping market. However, Ruby's Originals combines both vaping and the pinup style to create 6 incredible flavours. I want to make it clear that I do not encourage healthy people to pick up e-cigarettes just for the sake of things. Vaping is designed as a step-down for smokers, with Public Health England stating that vaping is "around 95% less harmful than tobacco". My boyfriend, Danny, vapes - so I have used his knowledge on different e-liquids to create this post.

Danny uses a 50W e-leaf battery with Hobo RDA. The liquids used contained 0mg of nicotine.

The first little lady on our list is Betty. The tasting menu included with my liquids describes Betty as "punchy strawberry jam with swirly ice cream and a hint of marshmallow". Danny noticed a delicate hint of strawberry cream. This flavour also produced a good amount of vapour. 
Overall rating = 4/10

I don't have photos of this one as Danny loved it so much he's pinched it! (Although, that sure does say a lot about the quality of the flavour). Vera is quoted to be a "naughty mojito twist, with a sprinkle of blueberry." Danny said he could definitely taste the lime citrus flavour of the mojito. The smell of the liquid was akin to the flavour and the flavour was strong, yet not over-bearing. 
Overall rating = 8/10
This gorgeous gal is a forest fruit medley with a hint of mint. The taste of the mint was noticeable and was very fresh. There was a hint of fruit which helped balance the flavours. 
Overall rating = 8/10  

Rose was my favourite and would be something I would purchase just by hearing the words 'citrus' and 'pie'. I am a fan of  Mrs B's Vanilla Custard and this reminded me of that, except with added zest! The first flavour detected was the vanilla base, then a citrus burst. 
Overall rating = 9/10

This was another popular one with the both of us. Ruth is described as "heavenly banana and cream, deliciously nutty with a hint of caramel." There was definite taste of all these flavours within the mix. If you love banoffee pie, you will love this one!
Overall rating = 7/10

Peggy is the last lady, but certainly not the least. "Intensely iced mint, with ultra-fabulous hints of chocolate and cookie dough." This was a heady mix of minty choc chip ice-cream delight! It had a fun, yet sophisticated taste of after-eight mints, although the cookie dough was difficult to detect.
Overall rating = 6/10

 I hope you have found this review useful! If any of you do vape and try out these fabulous flavors, be sure to let me know which are your favourites. If you aren't sure which ones you want to try, Ruby's Originals offers 10ml bottles in a taster pack of all 6 flavours for £20! Or if you power through flavours like no tomorrow, you can purchase all 6 flavours in 30ml bottles for £60! 

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